07 Aug

The world of medicine is certainly changing as every year passes by. Today, wonderful feats are possible in science and medicine that were thought of as impossible in the world of the past. And it is not only the medical industry that promotes these amazing possibilities.

Today, food processing companies have become increasingly interested in better human health in the world. This is not a surprise, as pigs have been used for medicine for quite some time. Take, for instance, insulin for diabetic children. In the past, a child with diabetes had no remedy for his or her condition but the starvation diet. However, it was discovered that insulin extracted from the pancreases of pigs worked as an amazing remedy for child diabetes. Thousands of pancreases were extracted, ground, and filtered to come up with pure insulin crystals.

Today, the subject being researched by the best food processing companies is that of pig-to-human heart transplants. The heart of a pig is stripped of its cells so that human cells can be allowed to grow in it. In the future, this new organ can be used for heart transplants, giving hope to those with serious heart conditions who cannot find a donor. Learn more about Smithfield Farms

Of course, this is something that will not be available for the next couple of years. Enough research still needs to be done before it is ready to launch and change the world. However, there are a lot of promising signs. This is because pigs and humans have a lot in common, and food processing companies are enthusiastic and hopeful that it will not take much longer for this dreamed-of thing to become a reality.

When you think of food processing plants, you often think of sausages, ham, and bacon. However, you will be surprised to know that so much is used of one single pig! Little or no waste comes out of just one animal. For instance, parts of the pig’s gut are used in the medical industry as a component for blood-thinning drugs. The bones of pigs are ground to fine dust and used for industrial products, linoleum, and a host of other products. This is certainly interesting, and it is good to know that very little of a pig ever goes to waste. Know more about Smithfield Farms.

There certainly are food processing companies out there that are not only concerned in providing the world with delicious food. They are also concerned about the long-term health of human life.

Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenotransplantation.

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